Winter Driving Tips

Watch those Brakes
If your car doesn’t have ABS, pump the brakes by quickly braking again and again. This keeps road traction, reduces skidding, and improves control.

Watch your Speed 
This is the biggest wet driving error. There is no right speed when roads are slick from rain and ice, except the speed that keeps you safe. Despite the posted speed limit, only drive as fast as conditions allow.

Give yourself room
Increase your normal distance between vehicles as it takes 5 to 10 times longer to brake on wet roads.

4 Wheel drive is not full proof
4 wheel drive may give you a false sense of security. It helps for traction on snow and rain, but doesn’t give the same traction when you brake. Be careful  on wet or slippery road conditions regardless of your vehicle’s features.

Pay closer attention
Changing road conditions are part of the winter driving. Focus on the road and pay attention to stay safe.

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