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So, you’ve been in an accident and you’re trying to decide where to go. In Red Bluff, CA there is one shop that stands out as the leading Red Bluff body shop.

In 2019, Collision Pros, a Northern California leader in auto body repair, purchased InterCity Body & Paint. A couple of months later when Gibb’s Auto Body closed, Collision Pros moved their entire operation into the current 14,000 sq. foot building at 705 Mill Street, Red Bluff.

Operating with the same great staff, Collision Pros added over $300,000 in equipment and training to make sure that they were the best Red Bluff body shop choice.

The cars we are driving today are very sophisticated pieces of machinery. To protect the safety of you and your family, as well as your investment, you’ll want to choose a shop that has the proper tools and training to do that.

Technology in Todays Cars

Your modern car is likely a unibody. A unibody car does not have a frame under it like cars in the past. The unibody was brought about originally to shave weight to improve gas mileage. The manufacturers found that, with great engineering, they could not only improve weight, but they could improve safety. They could use different strength materials, as well as different types of materials, crumple zones etc. to absorb the inertia of an auto accident. This has absolutely transformed the body shop business.

The Day of the Corner Body Shop is Over

The day of the neighborhood auto body guy being able to repair your car safely is gone. It is imperative, to your safety, that your car is restored to factory settings. Ask yourself one question, “Do I want my airbag to go off before or after, I go through the windshield?” This is a dramatic statement, but that’s how important the engineering of your car is. The manufacturers have engineered these cars so precisely, that you have to follow their exact repair formula. This can only be done with, A) The information. Which you have to subscribe to from the manufacturer. Most small shops don’t. This seems crazy, but it’s true. Many believe that they can fix the car like they did in the past. It will look the same, but the integrity will be very different. B) The proper equipment. The welds have to get to very high temperatures to penetrate the high strength steels. The frame equipment must hold the vehicle in very specific tolerances. Few shops can afford this equipment. C) The shop must have the training to use the materials and equipment to reach modern standards. If they had the training, I can assure you that they would not repair your car without the procedures or the equipment. Unless, they lacked integrity and knowingly put you in harms way.

You’re Driving a Rolling Computer

If you are driving a car that is newer than 20 years old, it likely has a computer. Most modern cars have 25-50 computers operating things like, air bags, braking, cruise control, shifting, climate control, traction etc. These programs are all inter connected throughout your vehicle. When you disassemble the vehicle, a tail light removal may set off a code that is in the same circuit as your cruise control or some other feature. The only way to assure these features are all working and that all codes are removed is to hook it up to a scanner and reset the system. Most small shops either won’t do this or they will use an aftermarket scanner. The aftermarket scanner works on about 70-80% of the codes. But, you don’t want only 70-80% of your codes fixed. You need your car scanned in a way that restores all factory settings. At Collision Pros, we have factory and aftermarket scanners. We will use the most appropriate tool to reset your system.

I hope that I’ve explained why it is important to choose wisely when picking a Red Bluff body shop. If you have further questions, stop by our Red Bluff shop or any other Collision Pros location in Red Bluff, Chico, Paradise, Auburn, Woodland and Loomis, California.

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