Are you concerned that your new tuck will get scratches and dents in the


bed and decrease its value? It’s a valid concern and worth researching. This should help you make the best choice in bed liners.

The bed of your truck is designed to haul things. Because it gets loaded with tools, materials, bikes, furniture, etc. it can get damaged. Once you get scratches, it allows rust to start. Over time, rust will damage your trucks value.
Some bed liners are better than others at allowing stuff to slide around and cause damage and others are easier to clean and maintain. This should help you make the best choice in bed liners.There are several options out there in bed liners. Usually the more you pay the better the quality. However, you want to understand what you are after and get the best option to meet your specific needs.


These are a fairly cheap method of protecting your bed. The usually range from. $50-$250. You can buy them premade to fit your truck or cut to fit type.
These are made of a thick rubber material and work well to keep stuff from sliding and they absorb shock I things are dropped. The downside is they only protect the floor. They don’t help with the sides or the tailgate. For someone who doesn’t use their truck to haul a lot, this is a great option.


Bed rugs are similar to mats in that they keep things from sliding and protect from scratches. However, you can get them to go into the entire bed. The down side is they are not good at protecting from dents. They are just not thick or solid enough to adsorb harsh blows. They can also get a bit grungy over time with stains and even mold. These rugs can be bought is many colors and options. They can be generic and fit closely or be bought by model and fit very well. You can expect to pay between $100-$500 depending on is it’s just the floor of the entire bed and the quality of the fit.


When you want to protect from lots or rough treatment, the drop in bed liner might be the best choice. These liners protect the entire bed from scratches and all but the harshest impacts. The installation is very easy, in that it just slides in and you’re done. You can buy liners that fit under the bed rails or over the top, to protect the rail cap.
Drop-in liners are made of heavy plastic and bolt directly to the bed of the truck. A different plastic panel attaches to the tailgate. Some negative points are they allow things to slide around, due to the slippery nature of plastic. They often cover the factory tie down holes and they tend to get dirt under them and rub, damaging the paint your trying to protect. You can expect to pay between $100-$500.


These are the most expensive and likely offer the best complete protection. These are made from an extremely durable spray on plastic coating. This plastic dries to a very hard textured surface. Spray on bed liners are great at stopping sliding and scratches. However, they don’t provide a lot of impact resistance. They literally become like thicker paint. The cost of the do it yourself kits are around $100-$150. The fully done professional jobs are between $450-$600.


The simplicity of installation really depends on the choice you make. Drop in mat and rug type liners are the easiest. They literally just lay in the vehicle. The exception being the full bed rug which may take a bit more time attaching two-sided Velcro.

Drop in bed liners are super-fast to install. They just drop in and attach with a few bolts. If you have a drill and a few tools this job should be quick and easy.

There are spray on bed liner kits. But they are not all the same. The more expensive ones are better and will be harder to apply. This is a messy job and if you do it wrong, it will become very difficult to fix. You really should save this job for a professional installer with the right equipment and product.


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