After an accident, our customers often don’t know how to go about choosing a body shop to repair their vehicle. There are a number of factors that could play into that, but the minimum criteria should be can they fix your Ford in a way that retains the safety and value of your vehicle. The fact that a shop chose to spend the money to invest in a large number of Ford certified factory specific tools and to do the Ford specific training is a good sign.

Your Ford is not the car your parents drove. These new cars have of technology and there is a lot more to repairing it than just cosmetics. The safety and value are greatly affected by the quality of a repair. The engineering and design are different from manufacturer to manufacturer, and repairing something incorrectly can affect how the car operates, your safety and the value of your car.

Choosing a Ford Certified Collision Repair shop and only Genuine Ford parts will retain the value of your investment.

Ford vehicles should be hooked up to a Ford specific computer scanning tool and any and all codes cleared so that the vehicle operates in the way that Ford design it to. These computers are specific to a Ford Certified auto body shop. Many codes work several functions and may change the operation of completely unrelated items. With tens of thousands of codes, you can have peace of mind knowing that a Ford factory scanner cleared ad reset all codes, assuring the safety of you and your family.

Ford has chosen Collision Pro’s as they are Ford Certified Collision Repair shop in both our Auburn and Chico California locations.
If you live in Northern California, choosing a Collision Pro’s Ford Certified shop may be your best option for repairing you Ford whether it’s an F-150, F-250, Mustang, Expedition, Fusion or Explorer.

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