Extensive 7 Step Quality Control Process

At Collision Pros we have developed our own 7 step Quality Control Process that allows us to confidently deliver every car knowing its right and on time. To prove that, we give every customer a lifetime guarantee. After each of these 7 steps someone reviews and signs off for accuracy.

  • Step 1: The vehicle is checked in, disassembled and all damage is thoroughly assessed.
  • Step 2: The parts are all ordered and received matching each part to the original part to assess the accuracy.
  • Step 3: Any repair work that may need to be done is performed.
  • Step 4: The vehicle is prepped and painted.
  • Step 5: The vehicle is completely reassembled.
  • Step 6: The car is washed.
  • Step 7: Someone reviews all the work line by line and makes sure all of the work done meets our rigorous standards.