Insurance Relations

Insurance companies know that they can trust Collision Pros to deliver the care and quality they expect for their valued customers. We work with most insurance companies as a liaison and streamline the processing of your repair.

To reduce cost and assure the best possible repair, insurance companies partner with collision repair shops they know to provide high quality safe repairs. We are trained and vetted by the insurance companies, through an extensive process that allows the insurance company to offer a lifetime guarantee on our work. Also, our computers are tied directly to the insurance company to streamline the process and get your car back to you as quickly as possible.

Your insurance companies top goal is to see you back in your car and happy, so that you keep paying your premiums for years to come. With that retention in mind, they truly drive their shops to a higher standard that will result in a process that is smoother and faster for each customer. Don’t underestimate the relationship between the shop and your insurance company.