If you’ve been in an auto accident, you may be trying to decide the best Loomis Collision repair shop for you. You may want to try the newest Loomis collision repair shop….. Collision Pros.

Collision Pros opened in February 2020 as the 6th Collision Pros location. Collision Pros was started in 2013 by Brian von Tress. Brian has always wanted to have a shop in Loomis because they grew up and raised their family here.

Not All Shops Are Equal

When it comes to the safety of you and your family, you need to be careful. All shops are definitely not equal. There are substantial differences when it comes to proper equipment, training and repair methodology.

Today’s cars are seldom built with the old style frame under them. To reduce weight and meet fuel economy demands, they are now usually built as unibody vehicles. This means that the frame structure is literally built into the car itself. The way the engineers do this is, by building the vehicle with different strength materials, specific collapsing points and several other techniques to get your car to collapse at the right time in a sequence that will absorb the inertia of an accident. Because of the importance of the collapsing sequence to save your life, it is critical that the shop follow the precise factory repair training, equipment and repair procedures.

You would be surprised at the number of shops that don’t even understand the importance of restoring cars to factory specifications. If you find yourself in one of these shops, you should not let them repair more than a superficial scratch. You may even question their ability to do even that in a way you will be satisfied with over time.


With the high strength steels, multiple sensors, different computers, unibody vehicles etc., you have to have at least a half million dollars’ worth of equipment to even start to repair a late model correctly. This disqualifies most of your mom and pop shops.

High Strength Steels

High strength steels require a welder that is very specific to penetrate these high strength steels enough to go through without heating up and changing the metal strength. The welds have to go back specifically the same way with the same welds to assure the proper function of your car.

Unibody Repair Equipment

Unibody frame machines and computerized measuring systems hold and measure the car body to get exactly to factory specifications. A large percentage of shops still use the old type of frame rack that isn’t nearly accurate enough for todays cars.

Computerized Scanners

Vehicle computer scanning and diagnosing of any problems and codes is essential. Your shop has to have the factory scanners or access to scanners to restore your car to pre-accident condition. Otherwise you may not know when certain electronics are not even functioning.

Factory Certifications and Repair Methodology

Factory repair methodology is not only recommended but required by all car manufacturers. You cannot guess on today’s cars. If the engineers design a car to collapse a certain way, you don’t want a technician to second guess the engineer and change the way the car behaves in an accident.
At Collision Pros in Loomis we have the latest and greatest of collision repair equipment. You won’t find another shop that has the training and sophistication to repair late model cars like we do. Check out our reviews and come see our shop. You’ll immediately see a difference.

Tesla Certification

Collision Pros in Loomis has such high standard in training, tooling and repair methodology that Tesla gave them the . Less than 1% of shops worldwide meet Tesla certification standards. We are certified to repair the Tesla model S, the Tesla model 3, the Tesla model X and the Tesla model Y.

If you are having trouble choosing the best collision repair shop in Loomis, and you’re in Northern California stop by any of the Collision Pros locations in Auburn, Chico, Red Bluff, Woodland or Loomis CA. All Collision Pros have plenty training and the latest in equipment to restore the value and safety of your car.

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