Your Tesla battery is designed to be relatively low maintenance, but there are some best practices to get the most out of your Tesla battery. I’ll share some valuable Tesla battery maintenance tips to improve your battery performance and longevity.

7 Tesla Battery Best Practices

  1. Partial Charge Battery- Battery Charging should be maintained between 20%-90% when possible. It’s best to only charge your battery to 100% when you plan to drive your Tesla within a few hours. In some models you can set the charging time to allow you to be 100% charged within a few hours.
  1. Low Voltage Charging- Tesla recommends that you maintain a regular every day charging schedule using a low voltage charger. The high voltage super chargers are not meant to use daily.
  1. Regenerative Braking- Set your regenerative braking to “Standard”. This will increase the energy you get while braking.
  1. Avoid Low Battery Charge- You should avoid leaving your car for long periods of time below 20-30% battery charge. Your vehicle will use about 1% battery just sitting there operating the computers. Avoid letting it get so low that these small drains don’t kill your battery.
  1. Don’t Let Battery Get Too Cold- When you can, you should keep your Tesla stored in warm area above 20F. Cold weather can reduce the energy your battery stores. It’s best to leave it plugged in to allow some warmth from the charge.
  1. Don’t Let Battery Get Too Hot- Try to keep your Tesla in temperatures below 85F. In really hot temperatures the battery may take a little more energy trying to cool the battery. This is referred to as “Vampire Drain”. You can lose as much as 2-3% of your battery charge per day. To avoid this, leave your vehicle plugged in or try to park out of the direct sun.
  1. Fully Charge Every 3 Months– It’s a good practice to fully charge your battery every 3 months. This practice is called battery balancing. It will help maintain the maximum capacity to your battery.

Hopefully following these Tesla battery maintenance tips are helpful. If you have any additional questions about your Tesla vehicle, stop by any of the Tesla certified Collision Pros locations. We’ll be happy to help.




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