So you just had your car painted or you just want your paint to last as long as you can? A regular application won’t just make your paint last longer, but it will make it look fantastic too. There are a lot of choices out there, but there are 3 main types. I’ll help you pick the best wax for you and your car.

Different types of car wax?

1. Spray Wax

Spray waxes work well for newer paint and they are the easiest of all to to use. You simply spray them on and wipe them off. It’s best to apply these about once per month.

2. Paste Wax

Paste waxes are the most common and very simple to apply. They take more effort than the spray on wax, but it’s also pretty easy. The drawback is that they can lose their shine in two to three months. Some paste waxes have an abrasive quality in them. These will usually say something like cleans and polishes. The abrasive might help get some of contaminants off your car but they are best for newer cars or newer paint protection.

3. Liquid Wax

These are considered the leading wax for shine and longevity. They are better on older finishes where you need a bit more abrasives to clean and polish. They also tend to last 3-6 months.

How often should you wax your car?

You may be wondering how often you should wax your car to protect it from the elements. This is a tough questions because there are so many variables. Many of these variables are specific to the region you live in. Whether it’s the hot sun in California or the salted roads of the East coast variable elements matter. You may consider the harshness of the climate you live in and adjust your car care to adapt to your personal need. In general, if you live in milder climates and drive a newer car, you may be just fine with a spray on wax. However, if you are in a harsh climate or have an older climate, you may consider using a good liquid wax.

Additional Paint Protection Options
There are several more extreme paint protection options like protective film or ceramic coating. I write extensively on these options on my blog, “What’s The Best Paint Protection for My Car?”

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