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4 Common Myth’s You Need To Know Before Choosing a Body Shop

4 Common Myth’s You Need To Know Before Choosing a Body Shop

Common myth’s when you have been in an accident

When you’ve just been in an accident, many customers don’t know what to do. It’s a stressful time and there is a lot of misinformation out there. As a car owner, it’s important to know what you need to do to get your car repaired right and with as little hassle as possible. To help you make the best choices, here are responses to four of the more common collision repair myths out there.

You have to use the shop the Insurance Company recommends

As an insured driver, you have the legal right to pick any body shop that you want. Most Insurance companies have agreements with body shops that in trade for the referral they get preferred pricing and potentially faster cycle time. The insurance companies prefer you go to these shops because it helps them reduce cost and try to improve your experience. They want to improve your experience to improve their retention of customers. The most likely point of dissatisfaction with insurance is after a claim. However, all Insurance companies are aware that the choice is 100% yours. They may promise that you won’t have a warranty if you don’t go with them, but most reputable shops offer a warranty that is as good as the insurance companies. The shop they recommend may or may not be the best for you. The point is, you choose.

Insurance will pay everything
This may or may not be accurate. All policies are not the same. You need to read and understand how your policy will work. If you cause the accident, you’ll have to pay a specified deductible when your vehicle is repaired. If you find a shop that waves that deductible, beware, that is likely insurance fraud. Most policies say that your deductible is the first money to be spent. Meaning you are taking money that belongs to the insurance company. Another common confusion is over the rental car. Rental car coverage is a separate part of your policy. It’s inexpensive and I believe if you don’t have an additional car, it’s well worth the small amount of money. Many insurance companies will even give you money back if you choose not to use the rental car. If your car is declared a total loss many owners believe that their car will be paid off completely no matter what they owe. That is not always true. There is an average market value that the insurance company will pay. It has nothing to do with what you owe. If you think you owe as much on your car as it’s worth, you should consider buying gap insurance. This protects you if there is a difference. It is very inexpensive insurance and will save you from having no car and a big debt. Talk to your insurance company for assistance on figuring out is this is right for you.

Only a Dealer can repair your car right
Another common mistake is thinking that only a dealership that sells the same vehicle make (Toyota, Chevy, etc.) as you own, has the ability and the parts to fix your car the right way. That’s just wrong. Many non-dealer shops have more equipment, training and factory certifications than the dealer. In my experience, independent shops often care more about the repair of your car and your satisfaction. That said, there is no right answer, you’ll need to do some research as to what shop is the best for you.

A damaged frame can’t be repaired
Even a small wreck can bend a frame. It is not difficult to repair it with the right equipment and training. If the frame was bent, but not structurally weakened, it can likely be repaired. In fact, most late model vehicles have unibody frames which are commonly damaged and repaired rather easily. Your best bet is to have your frame inspected at a reputable body shop to assess the damage and then determine if it can be repaired safely.

At Collision Pros We Can Answer All Your Questions and Make the Process Easy.
When you’re involved in an accident, don’t fall victim to some of the body shop myths. Take it to the closest Collision Pros in your area, the staff can answer all of your questions about the repair process, and what to expect when dealing with your insurance company. In fact, we work directly with insurance adjusters so that you don’t have to. Collision Pros has locations in Auburn, Chico, Paradise and Woodland.

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