In Northern California the summers can get scorching hot and put significant strain on your cars air conditioning system. For efficiency you’ll want to make sure that first your system is working correctly and second, that you are doing these 6 things to keep your car cooler this summerIf you are struggling to get your car cooled down, you’ll want to make sure your system is working properly and then follow these tips to help keep your car cooler.

To verify your car gets cool enough. Park your car for several hours out of direct sunlight. Start the motor and turn your ac on high. With the fan blowing on high. You should expect that on a 90-degree day your car can get to 50 degrees at the vent. It can be measured with a probe thermometer or by your mechanic

It’s a good rule of thumb that you should take your car in and have the air conditioning system serviced every 2-3 years. At that time, they can check the efficiency and repair anything you need to make sure its performing at peak potential.

Once you know your system is working properly, there are several things you can do to help your car cool more efficiently.

1. Park in a shaded area

If you start with a car that is already cooler by 20-30 degrees, your system can reach your desired temperature much faster. When your car is in direct sun light the seats and dash absorb heat and hold it in. That heat will continue to radiate heat into your car until the temperature brought down. If you can, always aim to park in shade.

2. Turn your AC to the coldest setting.

When you start your car, turn the system to the coldest setting and use your fan to adjust to your preferred temperature. Once, you get to where you are comfortable, you can adjust the temperature control. In a study Consumer Reports, found that by doing this it will be more efficient and save gas.

3. Get the hot air out of your car.

When you first jump in your car and it is really hot. According to this heat calculator app, when it’s a 100 degrees outside and your car has been in the sun for 30 minutes, the temperature inside your car can be as high as 134 degrees. To help it reach its maximum efficiency, roll down your windows, turn on the fan to high and drive it a little to get the hot air out of the cabin. It will be a lot easier on your car air conditioning system to not start in a deficit.

4. Know when to use recirculation mode.

When you use the re-circulation mode you are cooling the already cooled cabin air. This make your system so much more efficient. However, you may wait a minute to turn it on. Often when you first get in the car, the cabin air is hotter than the outside air. For maximum efficiency you may want to leave it off for the first minute or two and then turn it on.

5. Turn off your stop start system.

Most newer cars come with a stop start system that helps with fuel consumption. However, that stop start makes it more difficult for your ac system to keep up. You’ll want to turn it off if you are trying to get the temperature down on a really hot day.

6. Make sure your cabin filter is good.

Modern cars are standard with a filtration system that keep pollutants out of the cabin of your car. This is a commonly ignored maintenance item. If it’s clogged it will make your ac system work harder. Follow the recommendation of the car manufacturer to optimize your system.

If you have any further questions about how to keep your car cool on hot days, you can drop into any air conditioning in Northern CA. We are located in Auburn, Loomis, Chico, Paradise, Red Bluff and Woodland.

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