Unfortunately, accidents happen and when they do it’s important that you take your Nissan to a certified Nissan repair shop. Collision Pros is the preferred shop of Chico Nissan. Nissan Certified auto body repair centers deliver the exceptional quality of repair that Nissan owners deserve. Collision Pros exceeds Nissan’s high standards for tools, training and customer service. Collision Pros is the only Nissan certified auto body repair shop in Chico, CA.

Advanced Technology Requires Advanced Repair’s

Nissan’s Safety Shield Technology relies on advanced cameras and sensors to deliver the right information to the cars computer to make instantaneous decisions to keep the owner safe. It is essential that the vehicle is recalibrated to factory specifications after every accident. This requires special tools and training that are not standard in every auto body shop.

Advanced Training

As a Nissan certified Collision Repair Center, Collision Pros is required to earn and hold the I-CAR Gold Status designation, the industry’s highest training standard. They also require specific Nissan training.

Advanced Equipment

Nissan requires and Nissan Certified Collision Repair shop maintain the highest standards in tooling and equipment. The technology on today’s vehicles is very sophisticated and cannot be repaired correctly without the correct tools. It is imperative that your Nissan is repaired using Nissan’s repair methods in the fashion that Nissan requires. Repairing the car in any other way will devalue your car and potentially make the car unsafe.

Factory OEM Parts

Collision Pros uses factory OEM parts when repairing your Nissan. To retain the value and performance of your Nissan, Collision Pros first choice is always factory parts. Often your insurance policy will specify something other than factory parts. At Collision Pros we will work closely with your insurance company to get you factory parts whenever possible.

If you are in an accident in your Nissan, choose Collision Pros the only Nissan Certified auto body repair shop in Chico CA, the preferred shop for Chico Nissan.

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