A lot of people want to know how to touch up scratches and chips on their car. While touching up your car can be a simple task, the better question might be “Should I touch up my own car?” To answer that, you’ll need a little more information and understand what results you want.
With all of the information out there on the internet, many car owners think they can fix anything. However, in a lot of cases, car painting is a job best to have done professionally.
I’ll try to help you decide when it’s the right thing to do yourself and when it’s not.


Most people brush touch their car to improve the appearance, stop further paint issue and stop the rust. Brush touching is a quick solution to avoid a costly paint repair. Brush touching does have its limitations though.
Paint touch up kits are easy to find online, as well as automotive parts stores. They can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 depending on the kit. The kit will usually come with the color, the applicator and sometimes a clear coat. For very small scratches, on the right car, these may be a quick, inexpensive way to fix the paint. If you do it well, the scratch will be less visible from a distance.

If you get up closer, it’s apparent that the car has been brush touched. This is because the thickness is different, the application technique is not the same and the color may vary.
For older cars touch up paint might be the best option. If done well, it can delay the rust and slow down additional delamination. It may also be enough to satisfy you. Usually smaller less visable areas are the best candidates for brush touching.
Some paint colors are easier to brush touch. Solid, lighter colors tend to work the best. White, for example, is easy because of the brightness of looking at the panel, makes the imperfections harder to pick up. The worst to brush touch are metallic and typically light metallic colors. The metallic’ s tend to sink to the bottom and cause a darker touch up area. Silver is probably the hardest color to brush touch.


After you have tried brush touching yourself, you may decide that it doesn’t give you the look you want. At that point you may want to take it by to a professional body shop.

Some body shops may be willing to brush touch your car and they may achieve better results But, most shops will want to paint the panel correctly. In order to properly repair a scratch, the parts have to be completely removed. Then the scratch is sanded and primed. In many cases to achieve an undetectable match it may require painting into the adjacent panel as well.

Even though the amount of work is extensive, to get a satisfactory look on a newer or more valuable car, this is likely your only option. A body shop has the right equipment and training to make the repair truly undetectable. You can never reach that with brush touching.


When you go to a quality auto body repair shop you can expect a lifetime warranty.

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