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There Are Things you’ll need to Know When Deciding You Paint Your Car Complete.

Before you have your car painted you’ll need to know a little about what is required. The investment can vary greatly and so can the results.

How Long Should I Expect It To Take?

The length of time it takes is dependent on the shops schedule and the amount of labor required. The higher your expectations usually the more time you can expect. It can take from a single day, for a scuff and shoot, to several months for a complete restoration. As you learn more you’ll see where the time comes in.

Repairing Prior Damage

When you get ready to paint, you’ll usually want to repair the existing defects. Once the car is painted the problems stand out even more. For each defect repair it takes time and materials that can greatly change the cost. For the best results, the paint shop should fix any scratches, gouges, dents, rock chips and rust spots.These additional repairs can add even hundreds of hours.

Removing Parts

Cheap paint jobs will mask off the trim parts on the car. But, the removal of the parts will always result in a better paint job. If you remove the parts you can sand under and around them better. It allows for no breaks in the sanding and paint applied. That will allow for better adhesion of the paint. When you mask parts you will usually have some paint peeling later on down the road. Also, you will always be able to see some paint on the trim parts. Removing all the moldings, glass, bumpers, etc. can add a lot of time and money, but the quality difference is very important.

Paint Quality

Paint type and quality can really vary dramatically from under $100 to $2,000+, for the paint alone. This is completely dependent on the durability expected. The inexpensive paints are old technology that will only last a few years before they start breaking down. The higher cost paint is dependent of color selection, special effects and the durability. You can expect decades from high solids multi-stage paint.

Changing The Color

To change the color of the car it will require removing the motor, and part of the interior of the car. It will also require removing the hood, doors and deck lid to allow access to paint under them. As you can see, it pretty much takes complete disassembly of the car. It is one of the most expensive decisions you can make when painting a car.

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