Why Insurance EstimateDoes An Insurance Estimate Change?

When you are in an accident it is common to start by getting an estimate from your insurance company. These estimates from the insurance company are not intended to be a complete and final cost. The insurance company is required to pay a reasonable cost to the shop of your choice to repair your vehicle to the condition it was in prior to the accident.

Why Does A Body Shop Estimate Change?

When you get your initial estimate the car is assembled and not all the damage is always visible. Once the car is disassembled and all the damage is identified, you can expect the cost to change. You will also find that parts change in time and often the parts prices from the data base used by a body shop will not match that of the parts supplier. These will all effect the pricing. Any increases should be covered by the insurance company.

Do I Have to Use the Body Shop My Insurance Recommends?

The simple answer is, “No”, you are the only one who gets to decide where your car is repaired. Insurance companies contract with auto body repair shops for negotiated rates to lower their cost. The discount to the shop is often only about 5-10%, but the real savings come in at the effort put into the adjusting of the claim. Because the shop is trained to write for the insurance company and their computers are connected, there is less labor in monitoring the claim. The lowered labor for both the insurance and the body shop makes the discount a win/win.

Preferred Body Shop

The insurance preferred body shop can often get the car repaired quicker because the relationship with the insurance company means they don’t have to stop to get authorization as additional damage is found or any other changes occur. Because of the training and the immediate electronic visibility into everything that is happening, allows the insurance company to closely monitor the repair without causing any delays. This is very different in a non-preferred shop where they may require a person to go out and document any changes in person.

The down side with the insurance preferred collision repair shop is that they do have two masters. Even though you are the customer, the insurance sends a lot of work and they do have a lot of influence with the body shop. Most of the time it is clear what the car needs and there is little conflict of interest. You’ll have to decide if you have chosen a body shop that has your best interest represented and the credibility to repair the car correctly no matter what.

You Can Be Confident that at Collision Pros We Always Do What’s the Best for the Car.

Collision Pros in Auburn, Chico, Paradise, Woodland and Red Bluff are often the preferred body shop for most major insurance companies. At Collision Pros we don’t choose sides with the customer or the insurance company. We simply do what is right for the car with your direction. We offer a lifetime guarantee to assure you confidence that you have the best repair possible.

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