Very few shop today have the tooling and training to repair a Tesla correctly. It is no small task to become a Tesla approved body shop. Learn why it’s so important to choose a Tesla approved body shop.

To become a Tesla approved shop you must have the latest of equipment capable of repairing the unique materials used in a Tesla. Because the electric vehicle is inherently heavy, due to batteries. To maximize the distance, they can drive, the weight needs to be reduced wherever they can. When you reduce weight and maintain the ability to be in a crash and still remain safe, it takes a lot of engineering. Tesla has received the highest awards for their safety in an accident.

Tesla Engineering Marvel

The engineers designed the Tesla with many different materials and different strengths of materials. This allows the vehicle to absorb the inertia of an accident, while maintaining the strength around the passengers to keep you and your family safe. It is imperative that your vehicle be repaired by a Tesla approved body shop, because they have the knowledge, equipment, training etc. to restore your car to pre-accident condition.

Your Tesla is a Computer on Wheels

There are few cars on the road with more technology built into them than the Tesla. Many of the computers and programs on your car work in conjunction with each other. There are sensors and cameras in many different areas on your car. When one gets damaged, it likely affects others on your car. Even when your electrical parts, like a headlight are removed, the system has been opened and it sets off codes. All of this needs to be reset to factory settings. It’s not hard, but it does take special training and tooling to do it right. To maintain the integrity and proper function it’s important a well-trained certified Tesla body shop repairs your car.

Collision Pros is Tesla Approved Body Shop

Collision Pros is a Tesla approved and certified body shop in Auburn and Loomis, CA. If you need your car repaired write, reach out to us. All Collision Pros locations have the latest in tooling and training to repair the most advanced or cars.

We service Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

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