Rear end accidents are very common and the common belief of most people is that it is the fault of the driver in the rear. The assumption is that if the driver was at a safe distance the accident wouldn’t happen. In California this is not always the case. However, that said, it is most commonly the fault of the rear driver. Typically, the police report will determine who’s at fault when rear ended in California.



Causes of Rear End Accidents

  • Speeding/driving too fast for conditions
    · Following too closely
    · Poor weather conditions
    · Brake failure
    · Tail light failure or malfunction
    · Worn tires
    · Distracted driving
    · Impaired driving
    · Driver fatigue
    · Poor road maintenance

Car accidents affect millions of people every year. There are over 5 million accidents each year with 50% of those caused by drivers going too fast. The two leading causes of rear end accidents are excessive speed and following too close.

Determining Who Is at Fault in a Rear End Collision

Although it’s usually the rear driver that is found at fault, there are reasons that a front driver can be found at fault. An example might be that the front driver jammed on their brakes suddenly for no reason at all.

If you believe that the driver in front has some fault, you will need witnesses to collaborate your reasoning. Make sure you get names and numbers of witnesses. The police officer that comes out on the scene may be your best source to help explain your story. Tell the officer what happened and help them document your side of the story.

Collision Pros offers good advice in this article, “7 Most Important First Steps After You’ve Had an Accident.

In a Rear End, Who Pays For Repairs?

Whoever is found at fault will be responsible for the claim on both cars. If the police report says that the rear driver was driving at excessive speed or too close, the rear driver will be found at fault.

What About Fixing My Car?

No matter who’s at fault when rear ended in California, stop by any Collision Pros in Northern California and we’d be happy to help you. Collision Pros has locations in Auburn, Chico. Red Bluff, Woodland, Paradise and soon opening in Loomis California.

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