If your paints fading, your likely to ask yourself, “How do I fix fading paint on my car?” Let’s try to answer that by explain what it is, the causes, and some solutions.

When paint starts to fade it not only looks bad, but you lose the protection of the metal. Paint has two functions, 1) To protect the metal from corrosion and 2) To improve the appearance of the vehicle. Paint color and choice has become one of the primary ways we choose a car. So when your paint starts to fade it’s irritating to say the least.

Fading Paint Cause

Paint fades due to oxidization. Oxidization is a chemical reaction that happens when heat and sunshine break down the molecules in the paint. In Northern California where we can see temperatures above a 100 and lots of sunny days, fading can be a real issue. The bad news is, that once it’s started, it can’t be stopped easily.

Sometimes you see paints fade earlier on some car manufacturers than others. The reason for this is the quality of the paint. The clear coat has an ultra violet protective additive in it. It has to be thick enough and sufficient enough to give good protection, from the elements.

Over the year’s manufacturers have tempted fate by reducing the thickness of the clear or reducing the protection. This has had a disastrous effect of their profits and reputation. It’s a lesson most only have to do one time. The recalls can cost them millions. If your car is newer, you might start by talking to the manufacturer or searching Google for information on recalls.

How Can I Tell If My Car Is Starting to Fade?

Start by washing your car and getting it into an area where you can see the paint well. The early signs of a paint job that is about to go are, a chalky dull look to the top surfaces that even if buffed, comes back over time. You can slow it down a little by buffing the gloss back and applying a good wax, but trust me, this is only a band aid on a bigger problem. To find out a little more about waxing, look at my past article on wax.

How Can I Prevent Paint Fading?

Well, if sun and heat are the cause, you have to eliminate the sun and heat from breaking the paint down in the first place. That means, keep your car in a garage or covered, when you can. Parking in the shade will help also. You can’t avoid the sun completely, but with the quality of paints these days, just minimizing it when you can should be enough to make sure you have 10-15 years to not worry about this problem. A good wax will also, protect the car from some of the effects of the sun. However, the only real protection is avoiding it when possible.

What Can I Do About Fading?

OK, so you realize your car is fading and you know it can’t be reversed… What now? How do I fix fading paint on my car? You have two choices. The first, and arguably the cheapest, is to trade the car in or sell it. The cost of painting a car will seldom make sense. But, let’s say it’s a collector car or it has a lot of value to you and you want to invest in your car. The only choice is a complete paint job. To learn more about a complete paint job, refer to my article on things you’ll need to know.

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